how american christianity is seen by the rest of the world

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how american christianity is seen by the rest of the world


Post by bob2010 » Fri Nov 19, 2004 10:35 pm

this is an essay i wrote after seeing an editorial in the local newspaper. i couldnt think of anywhere else to post it so here it goes.
With the recent election results in and the exit polls showing that 'moral values' swayed many voters to choose Bush, both the right and left are claiming this is the sole factor that determined the election. I take part in an internet discussion forum and up until recently, the election was the main topic of discussion. Most of those that are most active on the forum are liberals, some to the extreme left. Most on the board, whether they are conservatives or liberals take an extreme viewpoint. The voice of moderation is small and hard to hear over the yells of reactionaries and radicals. Shortly after the election, the left was complaining about these closed-minded homophobic citizens of 'Jesusland' otherwise known to the media as evangelical Christians. Being a fairly conservative Southern Baptist and living smack in the middle of 'Jesusland' I took slight offense at the stereotype. I, in fact, wanted John Kerry to win. An editorial in a local paper made it very clear where this comes from. You might want to sit down for this: it comes from conservative Christians. We (collectively) have labeled ourselves as bigoted gay-haters. The recent opening of the Clinton Presidential library here in Arkansas attracted quite a crowd of celebrities, politicians, protestors, and other attention seekers. One group, from a Baptist church in Topeka, Kansas had signs saying “God hates [homosexuals]” along with some other far-out crazy stuff. The president of Bob Jones University wrote to Bush: “In your re-election, God has graciously granted America — though she doesn't deserve it — a reprieve from the agenda of paganism.” Congratulations Christianity, it seems we have again fulfilled the expectations of the secular world. This image of a bigoted church of mindless drones has been created, and we fill the image almost perfectly. We have become political ammunition to be used by whoever has the guts to go on TV and say that their “faith” influences their policy decisions. We should be looking not at what they say in the nationally televised news, but at their decisions.
So is it wrong to express our views in a seemingly increasing godless society. Not at all, but expressing our opinion with signs saying “God hates [homosexuals]” is not the way to do it. My best advice: THINK! Don't take someone's view just because they are the church pastor or the latest books say so. Think about also other people's reaction to the literature you put out. The Church needs a facelift, badly. This myth that all Christians are mindless drones must be dispelled.
I'll end with an article from the Arkansas Times.
Bible-based government

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Post by Felgar » Sat Nov 20, 2004 2:12 am

From the article...

After Bush and the Republicans get through tormenting homosexuals and people with physical infirmities, as Leviticus seems to demand, they will be expected to carry out the rest of God's proclamations that follow. The sale of shrimp, crab, crawfish and lobster will surely be outlawed. Farmers will be barred from planting mixed crops, textile mills from weaving garments from blended fibers. The USDA will order ham and bacon removed from the grocer's case on pain of life in prison or death, and the pigskin will be banished from the stadia. Mothers will be quarantined by federal law for two weeks after giving birth to a daughter and then will have to bring a lamb to the church to be burned for sacrifice or else, presumably, they will have to go to jail. Sacrificing a pigeon or a turtle dove, harder to catch, might suffice.

That is some of the worst fear-mongering I've ever heard; reminiscent of exactly how our Liberal party here in Canada beat the Consertives to once again form our government.

But you're right, the reason that it works is because of morons posting signs that "God hates [homosexuals]." These people are not even Christian. However, preserving the traditional defination of marriage is a good idea. Moreover, America and the Western Democracies in general have been blessed because of their original adoption of Judeo-Christian values.

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Post by Anonymous » Tue Feb 01, 2005 2:21 am

Ok, from someone who does not live in america I'll tell you what people in my community think of american Christians...

Basically the common perception is that american Christians fall into one of two categorys...

1. The Fundamentalist, Bush loving, Homosexual Hater.....These are the people that are shown by the media holding the 'God hates [homosexuals]' banners; basically the ones who are shown to have very little love in them.

2. The Relaxed, no worries christian....this category is also pretty common; basically because it is thought that many American Christians are being trampled over because of the no prayer in schools etc. It is perceived that they are letting anything happen and that they don't have much of a faith at all.

Although I realise that most American Christians probably do not fall into those two groups, it is perceived that way by people.

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