Revelations in the old testament

Discussions on Christian eschatology including different views pertaining to Jesus' second coming, rapture and tribulation, the millennium, and so forth.
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Revelations in the old testament


Post by Thyczko » Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:56 pm

The six seal of Revelations is located in Ezekiel 32 One day Egypt will attack Israel and God will intervene Joshua 10 talks about a day like no other where the sun stood still. Well when God saves his remnant of Israel this is just the opposite of that Ezekiel 32:7 I will cover the stars with thick clouds so that the sun and moon will stop shining.

He come like a thief in the night but don't worry but the falling away has to happen first . This might mean something else though The verses of Revelation occur in book of Joel 2 verse 30 : 31 too

I will work wonders in the sky above and on the earth below There will be blood and fire and could of smoke The sun will turn turn dark and the moon will be as red as blood before that great and terrible day when I appear
This is written in the old testament

Israel is still God chosen people Romans 11 explains this

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Re: Revelations in the old testament


Post by neo-x » Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:04 am

And everyone who believes in Christ :wave:
It would be a blessing if they missed the cairns and got lost on the way back. Or if
the Thing on the ice got them tonight.

I could only turn and stare in horror at the chief surgeon.
Death by starvation is a terrible thing, Goodsir, continued Stanley.
And with that we went below to the flame-flickering Darkness of the lower deck
and to a cold almost the equal of the Dante-esque Ninth Circle Arctic Night


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