Judging the Church

Discussions on ecclesiology such as the nature, constitution and functions of the church.
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Judging the Church


Post by Thyczko » Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:53 pm

One thing I've learned about the Bible it's cuts like a double edge sword . For example Jesus says were not to judge people but Paul judge people from the church . Truth be told God loves everybody and wants everybody to repent but most people harded there heart and don't want to repent. As a Christian here I lean towards Jesus view of not judging. God loves everybody but he abhors sin. So If you have a homosexual person in your church teach him about God's Love first instead of pointing out their sin, Remind him though God loves them but if they love God they would want to resist temptation of sin. Gay sex is a choice ,sin and God views it very unfavorably. If you truely love God you would ask him to help fight tempation. We all have temptation that we need to resist, such as pride ,money, and lust. Remember Jesus says to love our enemies as well

That said I don't want to judge people but I can Judge the Church

A = Jesus is the Messiah B= Jesus preached about Sodom and Gomorrah C= Sodom and Gomorrah destruction happen A=B B=C A=C
What does God think of the church preforming Gay marriage?

People of the Church should know better

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