OT / NT God??

Discussions on ecclesiology such as the nature, constitution and functions of the church.
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Re: OT / NT God??


Post by neo-x » Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:46 pm

Much of the strong reaction I see against balancing this issue, comes from our own culture which in general right now has historically had some strong feminist challenges to male domination and leadership. The Gay, Lesbian movement has some impact on this as well. What these movements have in common, to my observation is that they're not really attempting to bring balance. They're attempting to assert in some context, actual female superiority (either by direct assertion or as an attempt to counter-balance a history of male dominance) or there being absolutely no basis for gender (or sexuality) being a determinative factor in the roles open within society at large to those who historically haven't been represented equally.
I agree with you, there are extreme attempts to disrupt balance and gain a one sided result, femininity in this case.
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Re: OT / NT God??


Post by Reactionary » Tue Apr 19, 2011 2:13 am

If they were attempting to bring balance, they wouldn't be called "feminists" (lat. femina, -ae, f. = woman). The idea of "equality" is in my opinion just a story they're trying to sell us. What they want is dominance, in other words, to discredit a traditional, Christian family by undermining its very foundations. Add moral relativity (as a consequence of Darwinism) to the equation and there you have it - everything is permissible... except to question Darwinian evolution y#-o

Somewhat back on topic, an antitheist group in my country recently accused the Church for not allowing women to be priests. Confusing... I thought religion was nonsense (or a dangerous delusion) anyway... 8-}2
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