Volunteer Needed With Website/PHP Skills

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Volunteer Needed With Website/PHP Skills


Post by Kurieuo » Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:32 pm

Hi Everyone,

Just putting out a call to all who frequent these forums.

This board is in need of someone who is familiar with PHP and can properly administrate and manage it.

Your skills must extend beyond simply being able to use the frontend administration. For example, if the board goes down, you should be able to work out the problem... and if need be even re-install phpBB and import a backup database via cPanel/phpMyAdmin. So you should be familiar with PHP, knowing how to read and edit code, though such would be fairly minimal.

If this is you, and your interested in volunteering at this board, please PM me or reply here.

Also, to volunteer you must:
  • be a born-again Christian according to John chapter 3
  • have a love for unbelievers and be patient toward them
  • be willing to pray for people with whom they interact on behalf of the ministry
  • have a personal e-mail address
Thanks, Kurieuo

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Re: Volunteer Needed With Website/PHP Skills


Post by 1over137 » Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:49 am

I have Website/PHP Skills. I programmed my website in PHP and even installed phpBB forum there cause in future I'd like to start similar Slovak forum. Check my profile to see my website.


P.S.: I currently work as C++ developer so I have programming skills. And also I like to detect problems and fix them. Kind of detective work. : )
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