Please pray for me

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Please pray for me


Post by Peter1998 » Mon Jul 06, 2020 3:30 pm

Hello all hope everyone is safe and well drying the covid pandemic.

I don't know where to start so I'll try and jump in to it. I've created this acount to ask for help and for anyone to pray for me as I am worried about potentialy having an Std.

I have been sleeping with a girl for 5 months where I have been worried about having herpes but have not been diagnosed with it. I have came negative for every other STI result but not herpes as you have to have visible sores and then get swabbed so you can have a reading. I did develop sores but could not get them checked out as the hospital has been closed so was sent medication through. The sores have gone but I'm unsure if they are herpes or could be anything else non sinister.

When ever me and this girl end up doing anything sexual it's always been protected but somtimes the urge is too much and you can't think clear and give in to your desires when youre in the moment which has been the case and have done sexual things oral and normal sex unprotected. Normally after I pray to god and ask forgiveness and pray he makes me safe and that I don't have anything and that the girl I sleep with is safe but I'm worried I keep praying too many times when I mess up. This hopefully will be my last time and I will pray to him tonight to hopefully make sure I don't have herpes or if I do to get rid of it and that the girl I sleep with is safe. Please can you pray for me and ask the same. Thank you to anyone who does this x

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Re: Please pray for me


Post by Philip » Tue Jul 07, 2020 6:48 pm

Peter1998, in the first place, I know you pray, but are you a Christian? Is this girl one? Because God tells us unmarried people aren’t to be engaging in sexual activity – as it’s a spiritual joining and only for marriage. Do you care about obeying Him in this matter? And every time you sexually engage in such a situation, you risk not only disease, but also bringing a human life into existence. And what if that were to happen – would the two of you abort a life? Also, God instructs that we’re not to even date people who aren’t Christians – and certainly not marry them. I and I’m sure others reading will pray for your and her health. However, if you continue to engaging in such sinful sexual behavior, don’t expect your prayers to God to be honored – because you’re involved in activities that He says not to do. And while God is exceedingly merciful, He also often allows us to suffer the ramifications of our actions – so that we will learn from their consequences.

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