Reality: Universe Like a Virtual Game Simulation?

Healthy skepticism of ALL worldviews is good. Skeptical of non-belief like found in Atheism? Post your challenging questions. Responses are encouraged.
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Reality: Universe Like a Virtual Game Simulation?

Postby Kurieuo » Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:14 pm

I posted a challenge to Atheists several years ago to discuss the Nature of Reality. What is it ultimately? Many seem unable to move beyond a Materialistic view, although physical laws are clearly defined moving them to Physicalism since such is undeniable. Nonetheless many strongly support a Materialist reductionism of some sort and the physics "just existing" as part of that reality.

In any case, I wrote in that thread:

    my experience in discussions with Atheists is that the typical response is to ignore questions about reality and just accept everything at face value. They don't like to dig and probe into questions, or consider how something might be possible. They hate metaphysical questions -- asking why questions about reality and thinking about possible answers.

    For example, consider the movie The Matrix. Everyone in the "normal" world is hooked up to a machine and experiencing a type of virtual reality. The experiences are just as real as ours in life. And yet, people "could" potentially come back from the dead in this world, as long as the software is tweaked. People can perform what appears to be "magic" by zipping through the air -- suspending the "natural laws" which are really being largely maintained by a software program that runs the virtual world. Heck, Jesus Chris could actually even rise from the dead in such a world!

    Yes, it's just a movie. But here is the thing. Who's to say that the life we experience isn't in some way similar--some form of Idealism. Perhaps the machine and software on which we're running is just God. And yet, the Atheist confidently asserts that it is impossible for someone to rise from the dead -- because dead people don't come back to life -- because they ignore any questions to do with the nature of reality while assuming to know how reality works!

    Atheism presumes to know reality without giving it any foundation. The world just is. It just runs. It is stable. It is predictable. It's finely tuned for life? "Well, duh--we wouldn't be here otherwise!" We just are. What we hear, see, feel, taste and smell is a true representation of the world. It is just NATURAL. Dead people don't rise from the dead.

    An Atheistic reality precludes any questions about how reality might be. There is no "more than meets the eye". Is this not a shallow worldview? A kind of "putting on the blinders" or "burying one's head in the sand"? Some deep-seated faith in ignorance? Let's not ask questions about how reality works and just accept what seems apparent, because to ponder such questions is what? Scarey? Would it burst your bubble?

What many don't perhaps realise, is that this Matrix-like "virtual reality" conceptualist view of reality is increasingly gaining popularity in the world:

Here is a more entertaining YouTube video on the matter:
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Re: Reality: Universe Like a Virtual Game Simulation?

Postby bippy123 » Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:29 am

There is actually some evidence for this when just a few years ago James gates announced to Neil Tyson that he found a special kind of computer code embedded in the equations of string theory which blew Tysons mind away

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