Id like to share what i REALLY liked about being 'an Atheist

Share how you became a Christian, or experiences from your Christian life.
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Re: Id like to share what i REALLY liked about being 'an Atheist

Postby B. W. » Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:21 am

CallMeDave wrote:What i found appealing about atheism , at the time :

1. Nearly all my friends were atheists so i had much commaraderie .
2. If there were no binding absolute moral laws to live by, then it
offered great freedom of lifestyle choices (which i capitalized on) .
3. No one was in ultimate authority over me.
4. I wasnt owned by anyone higher than self which led to great
5. I was at the center of the Universe, figuratively speaking .
6. All my Teachers in school (whom i greatly respected and
enjoyed) taught atheistic ideologies / worldview .
7. As Evolutionist Julian Huxley said :' Having no personal Creator
(viz.God) , coincided with my sexual mores' .

What I found convincing about atheism , at the time :

1. I looked upon my Teachers and School Text Books as virtually
infallable and thus a very reliable truth source , so i accepted all
they taught without question .
2. Atheisms idelogies and constructs... from a worldview and from
sociology.... best fit in with my daily lifestyle choices and
philosophies for having fun..

Then for the atheist - death happens .. and you lose all of these things...

Not much to gain at all when nothing is all one gains...

Glad you found Christ !!!
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Re: Id like to share what i REALLY liked about being 'an Atheist

Postby claysmithr » Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:38 pm

That's why there is NO HOPE without Christ! Your only hope is annihilation and those who know God know he's not going to let you off that easy! :)

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