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Re: Russian Jet Shot Down by Syrian Rebels

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:04 pm
by Kurieuo
Philip wrote:I sincerely hope you're wrong.

They'd never get Congress to approve it, or to send troops to fill any resulting power vacuum. Iraq opened a lot of Americans eyes to the folly of such.

Watch what Lindsay Graham's response is.

I'd love to be wrong, but sadly, doesn't look like I am. I can't find Lindsey's response?

People expect the government would have learnt lessons from Iraq, but what exactly are those lessons? If we're to remove any sort of morality from the equation, which I'm sure is often done by intelligence agencies in pursuit of a country's best interests, then dethroning Assad and de-stabilising Syria would be seen as being in the US' best interests (as well as Israel's).

Having control of Syria would come with many economic spoils, strengthen America's (and Israel's) military foothold in the Middle East, and cause a headache for Iran who'd be next in line for the proxy wars that I see the US wages through military groups that it trains and supports. Iran, however, unlike other states (such as Syria and Libya), kind of have it coming. Iran would be recieving tit-for-tat due to the proxy war it waged/wages against Israel via Hezbollah. Many in Iran also revile the US. So then, strategic-wise, destabilisation of Syria albeit without ISIS in control, would be seen as largely beneficial to US' future national interests. I think the US was hoping ISIS would get Assad though, then they could clean up ISIS and look like the good guys. Instead, due to Russian intervention, it's now the other way round.

As Christians, we do see lessons learnt in Iraq around the pain and suffering caused to people, and then uprising of ISIS which inflicted pain and suffering amongst people including our brothers and sisters in Syria, and so we have a different perspective that rises above national interests. We want the well-being of people everywhere, but I think it's a bit naive to expect those governing our countries to follow the Christian love your neighbour as yourself mantra, and particularly love your enemies like Christ taught would be seen as a bit of a joke.