New Movie About Churchill

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New Movie About Churchill

Postby Philip » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:03 am

Yesterday, I went to see "The Darkest Hour," the movie about Winston Churchill rallying Britain to face down the Nazis. Much like Daniel Day Lewis in "Lincoln," Gary Oldman truly disappears into his Churchill character. The character portrayal is really incredible - but it's not such a great movie, as it begins plod at a very slow pace - it manages to make the exciting real history somewhat dull. Its Churchill is a character of immense doubts and some wavering to pressure - not the reality of the historical figure. But seeing it got me to wandering what the Churchill spiritually believe - as he used a lot of Biblical quotes and references to "Providence," etc. But he was likely agnostic at best, didn't appear to think the reality of God was something mortals could know about.

I came across the following historical records, concerning Churchill's spiritual beliefs:

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