North Korea: It Ain't Good!

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Re: North Korea: It Ain't Good!

Postby abelcainsbrother » Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:21 pm

Here is the way I see things.Donald Trump is not a neocon however he will go to war to defend America and our allies if he has to.But Donald Trump does not want to continue waging wars in other countries like in the Middle East regime changing,instead he would rather use the money here to improve America.

He has already thwarted the neocons in Syria who wanted regime change there,but he fooled the neocons because he sent troops and they just boxed in ISIS for Russia to take out who has already been in Syria fighting ISIS for the Syrian Government.

Trump shut the neocons down and now ISIS is destroyed now and there will be no regime change now in Syria. However this has angered the Deep State neocons.So now the neocons are trying to get us into war with North Korea exaggerating the threat North Korea poses to us just like they have for every dictator we have went to war to remove but again Donald Trump is using diplomacy to handle this situation and has been allowing China and Russia to deal with North Korea since they already had a plan and are against regime change.

However the neocons are desperate and could set off a false flag attack and then blame it on North Korea,they want war badly. They did this in Syria too a few months ago and Trump did not fall for it instead the missiles he fired from the battle ship(remember?)targeted ISIS in Syria,NOT the Syrian people.But also Trump may be realizing that China is not being as helpful as they could be and so on Monday is going to start looking into the trade imbalances we have with China. in otherwards Trump has given China a chance to deal with North Korea and when they came out the other day and said the US can only attack North Korea if North Korea attacks first but if there is regime change they will intervene.

Well this angered Trump and he will move to punish China when it comes to trade for them not being as helpful as they could because money talks and China needs money.This could force China to change its ways and actually get them to crack down on North Korea.By the way Trump has already opened up trade with India just in case China does not come through for the US and help to deal with North Korea.They will pay a price economically if they don't come through for America because Trump knows the US has been good to China and China would be nothing if it was not for America opening up trade with them and they are a friend or foe.We shall see.
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