Tips for Helping my Friend

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Tips for Helping my Friend

Postby JediMasterAaron » Thu Nov 16, 2017 5:58 am

Hi guys, so not too long ago I led one of my good friends to Christ, woo hoo, and I'm helping him as he adjusts to being a Christian. We talked the other night about a few basics, nothing that would confuse him, and I told him to begin reading the Bible and come to me with any questions he has. I'm decent with my theology, but I would like some advise on how to help get his feet under him without overwhelming him. Thanks in advance! :esmile:

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Re: Tips for Helping my Friend

Postby Mallz » Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:12 am

I think the way you are going about it so far is good. Are you looking to help direct him some way? I would keep on your current path, analyze what he is doing, how he is going about it and what comes from it (questions and conversation/his living response). If it's fruitful, keep going, if not find out why and respond. The Holy Spirit is the one teaching, you're an ambassador. Help guide him by pointing to Him (His words are the guide, the Holy Spirit the leading teacher, and us actively participating in the life brought form His words/guidance).

If you're looking for a more specific response, I could say start with reading the gospel of John and then some NT letters and see where he's led from there. But, I don't really know what's wanted from your inquiry ;)

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