Prayer Request: My Son

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Re: Prayer Request: My Son

Postby Philip » Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:50 pm

K, Duncan is actually interested in, "Some kind of missions work - someplace exotic where I can surf, travel the region, make money on the web with a YouTube channel, and still do missions work." Ever hear of any missions work like THAT, LOL. But he's truly got a heart for God, cares not one whit what others think about his values, is fairly bold, and is very interested in apologetics. But, right now, his interests are all over the map. I'm teaching him guitar, he's a good drummer. He won't be 19 until May.

Ah, the man-bun seems on hold. But his friend has one - he looks like some kabuki weirdo - not a good look at all. Hey, least it's not a tattoo he's considering - I think those might be on the way out?

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