Historical Killings - Christians vs Muslim

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Re: Historical Killings - Christians vs Muslim


Post by cslewislover » Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:22 pm

smiley wrote:
RickD wrote:Yes, I'm sure. Somebody could make the case that the Bible teaches people to kill if all we did was read the Old Testament.
And somebody can make a case that the Qur'an teaches to kill people if we only read the violent verses, but ignore the ones that promote peace.
But, If we read the entire Bible, and apply it consistently, that isn't the case.
Muslims claim the same thing about the Qur'an.
Smiley, the NT never says anywhere that we should ambush our enemies or kill infidels, stuff like that, but the Quran does. So what if they have peaceful verses? The Quran is inconsistent, at best. It's as if you're comparing apples and oranges. Historically, Islam had invaded countries and did the "convert or die" tactic. If I have time, I'll refresh my memory of historic Islam and the Catholic church's reaction. But Christianity is not at all about persecuting or killing those who don't go along with us (Jesus told his disciples to leave people like this alone, and that they will be judged by Him later). That's biblical and that's historical, overall. The same cannot be said of Islam. I could start posting threads, everyday, I'm sure, describing Christians being persecuted and killed in various countries today.
"I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." C.S. Lewis

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Re: Historical Killings - Christians vs Muslim


Post by Linkmaster1711 » Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:09 pm

I have a cousin over in Iran that was military, and he told me that about 90+ percent of the media over there is brainwashing the people of that poor country to fight American's for Allah and that killing jews is great and that President Bush was a demon is disguise and that Jews are a race of pigs and monkeys that had fornications and they are purely satanic and drink blood, and all this is said by the elites of the nation to. They even have children tricked into thinking dying to kill an American is an OK thing, it is pretty sick. Then over here, you have islaamic protestors in the streets of New York who are burning our flag in the name of Allah in public protected by the right of freedom of speech, but if they did something like that over in Iran they'd be BEHEADED. Then I'm sure everyone sall the time Magazine of the women with no nose and ears right? She showed her leg in public, and according to Shuria Law she could have been stoned, but as an act of mercy she just lost her nose and ears..... I know that Christians have a history, but when you boil down the basics of our entire religion, you get 3 things which Muslim's don't get.

1. A personal god that Died for your sins, and by doing so offers the free gift of eternal life one that you can't lose no matter what you do cause you already sinned, but he loves you enough to overlook it if you believe in Jesus. Allah is impersonal and the only way you have a sure fire way of getting into heaven is by Jihad which is what 911 was.....:/
2. Christ teached/preached love while Muhammed and much of the Qu'Ran teach/preach death for Allah and works...... Seems kind of hard to please a God that doesn't care about you
3. You get no plotholes or loops historically in the bible while the Qu'Ran gets mixed up in a number of places, sure you can try to say that against the bible. Also Jesus taught he was God (The son) while Muhammed got his gospel by an "angel" visitng him one night, and Muhammed committed sins, Jesus didn't sin at all yet made a sacrifice like you couldn't believe. Can you imagine that kind of lashing's and beating over a night carrying that monumental peice of oak on a back so scarred and destroyed that your spine feels the splinters of it, from one city to the nest, all the while you get offered things to ease the pain and you DENY them? Meanwhile you watch your best friend betray you, get spit upon, laughed at, stoned and cursed, get a crown of thorns that sticks into your eyes, STILL NO PAIN MEDICATION TO NULLIFY ANY OF IT, get Nailed into the bark of this tree NAILED LIKE HAMMER AND NAIL, through your skin and bones, and no one is on your side but one man who DID THE CRIME, WHO DESERVES TO BE THERE BY LAW! Now if you were Jesus, why, why, why, why, why put yourself through this if you have any kind of doubt at all that you are what you say you are, and that this is God's perfect plan for you... Like the one prisoner said (I bet you this was satan's finest hour here) being the guy asking Jesus to call down angels from heaven and save them? If Jesus was who he said, and did all that for anybody, then that's a guy I'm following, that's a love that BLOWS MY MIND. Not Allah or Muhammed, he was just another human. When he died he got put in a grave, didn't do much after that...... when Jesus died he actually got HIMSELF UP! Then he ROSE TO HEAVEN! HOW COOL IS THAT!
Sorry guys I just feel bad for anybody that doesn't want to accept that.... Islaam might have some good verses, but Not much compares to what Jesus did in ANY relingion, PERIOD . I'm following the one that ISN'T BURIED :amen:

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