The Ways that Manger Scenes Aren't Biblically Accurate

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The Ways that Manger Scenes Aren't Biblically Accurate


Post by Philip » Thu Dec 24, 2020 8:00 am

Sometimes, traditional Christian-themed things become so ingrained in our minds that we have equated them with Biblical truth. Like watching the movie the The Ten Commandments, or that Jesus was born on Dec. 25th, etc. So, as this is Christmas Eve, I thought I'd post some interesting ways of how traditional managers scenes are Biblically inaccurate.

We've all seen some variation of the below - with Joseph and Mary, baby Jesus, in the stable with the animals, and three wise men are there with their gifts. And this one has an angel with wings (angels don't have wings - cherubs do!). Only problem is, much of it is wrong, even though the most important aspect, the birth of Jesus, is celebrated.


Here are some links about the errors:

Five popular misconceptions about the Christmas story: ... mas-story/

Did the wise men arrive right after Jesus' birth, or was it much later? ... uch-later/

And as those were wealthy men, would they not have traveled with a number of servants? Were there only THREE?

Any others you can think of?

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