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Re: Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder prevalent in Church Leadership

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:03 am
by bbyrd009
crochet1949 wrote:
bbyrd009 wrote:
bbyrd009 wrote:
crochet1949 wrote:Lands sakes -- talk about ATTITUDE. I've not heard That kind of attitude in a while. Hopefully not everyone in your group of Oneness Pentecostals come across like you do.

I'm a conservative Independent Baptist.
ah, well, i apologize, really, i have no attitude on this, and recognize that there are other valid perspectives, as i perhaps kind of showed at our discussion on America. Wherein i guess i conflated Trump with Hitler, but did not mean to denigrate Trump. The point being that i love my nation, too, but i am surrounded by "Christian Patriots," who don't seem to understand why their country is melting, and everyone is turning gay, and their children are suddenly rife with autism and cancer, or sterile as they reach child bearing years.

So please understand i seek to elicit hard questions, to examine them, not condemn.

You Also tend to put yourself on a different / somewhat Higher level than other people. You sound like someone who has come To the United States from another country and have settled in Florida -- like thousands of others have. 'Their' country is melting, etc. IF that is happening -- it's Probably because a Few people in this Society have chosen to take Prayer out of schools and choose to disregard the Bible / God's authority/ guidelines. The Christian segment of this country were not up-front enough to take a Louder verbal stand FOR their Biblical beliefs. We sort of stood back and couldn't believe it was Happening. This country was founded upon Biblical principles and no one thought that would change. And Now we are fighting to be heard.

Not 'everyone' is turning 'gay'. Cancer Has become much more common for a variety of reasons.

As my counselor has stated -- this is a fallen world -- negative stuff Does happen. And that which we Do have control over is how we respond. When someone Does treat me poorly, how do I respond Back. How often do "I" consider 1st - what would Jesus Christ do in this situation ?"

This country is not perfect -- because no one alive is perfect. But I'd rather live Here than any other country.

well, hmm. As to that first thing, you are right, and that is wrong of me, and i can only remind you, perhaps, of how hard it can be to assimilate some new truth, and then have to go through the process of finding your humility all over again, now coming from this new understanding of truth.

That is "die daily," i guess, and it seems to get harder, not easier, the closer one gets to truth. At least for me.

As to the rest, i could prattle on, from my pov, and thoroughly shred pretty much every other characterization up there; but, while i welcome these critiques, that is why i come to forums, i perceive that this would not be appreciated by you, and would not lead you into any more truth, and would in fact prolly just drive you further away. Even if the pot thing did seem to make some impression?

So, i hope you see that, even with things like the pot issue, i recognize that my pov is quite extreme, i mean, truth be told, i would advocate for life sentences for those who have deliberately suppressed naturopathy and/or pot in pursuit of profit, and unfortunately, those people closely coincide with the ones you are defending up there imo, so i am not sure what to say about that now.

My understanding of what Jesus would do is, He would make a whip, and start turning some tables over, only you and i are def at odds, i guess, as to which tables should be turned.

So, i'll just leave that there, for now, and suggest to you that if you have never been to Jerusalem, you owe it to yourself to go before you die, and while this might come off as completely non-sequitur in that context, if you have any major dental work coming up, you can even pay for the trip (and even come out ahead, possibly) by getting the work done over there, world-class orthodontists in Sharm el Sheik, and an implant is like $188. Or was, that info is about 5 years old.

And yes, i agree, there is no place like home, but there also seems to be no substitute for travel to broaden one's horizons, and expand one's comfort zone, wadr. We are here to change, and change is hard enough as it is, among us who actively seek to circumvent our need for God in every, single area of our lives, and chase satan at every opportunity--i could provide reflections for you of the "service" our sons and daughters are expected to provide, "so we don't have to sacrifice," (which, sorry if that is one of your more favorite songs), or characterizations of, oh, insurance, or prescriptions, or even driving a car if you live in an urban area, many times literally following behind the bus that would have gotten you there both cheaper and with less environmental damage, but again i see that these reflections would not be appreciated, so i refrain when i detect that, unless asked to elaborate, which let's admit that my replies to you are usually elaborate enough.

Bet you just would not believe that i am actually capable of--and prefer--giving one-word replies to people, huh :lol:

Re: Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder prevalent in Church Leadership

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:21 am
by bbyrd009
and just so you get an alt pov there, most other countries, outside the developed world, are undergoing a Renaissance, not devolving, like here, ok. The difference is palpable. Unfortunately it serves the MSM to present you a distorted picture of this, and play up, oh, say, the "problems" in Israel, @ Gaza, say, which, after all, pales in comparison to the problems in Watts, or Compton, or Harlem, ororororor, by any ruler you care to use.

Re: Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder prevalent in Church Leadership

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:07 pm
by crochet1949
'009' One-word or short phrases Would be an improvement. As Long as the make sense.
Will not comment on your last post -- the previous one Before that was actually understandable.
Your posts are Usually 'more than elaborate'.